En route valparai:

Amuse about at Aliyar:

The Aliyar dam located at the base of Valparai hills is worth a visit. The dam also has a sprawling garden and a soothing environment.

Monkey Around in Monkey Falls:

Take a nice and refreshing shower at monkey falls on your way up or down to Valparai.

This falls is one of the nature’s finest and purest sources of minerals and ayurvedic formulations. Visiting Monkey falls is sure to rejuvenate your mind and body.


Topslip is located at 37 Kms from Pollachi. It is an area under the Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary Jurisdiction and is famous for its elephant camps.

Around Valparai:

Get Dizzied Exploring the depths Of Sholayar:

Believed to be the second Highest dam of Asia Sholayar must be on the don’t-miss category of your list. The dam and its surroundings are perfect examples of the term ‘majesty’. You will have to travel 20 Kms out of Valparai to reach this area.

Have a Stint at Nirar:

Take a trip to the Nirar dam situated within a dense forest. The route will give you an eerie but enthralling experience as you would be traveling through a proper jungle rather than the concrete jungle that you have got used to.

Get Drenched in the Drizzles of Chinnakallar

You might have heard that Chirapunji is the spot that receives the highest rainfall in India. But spot two was up for grabs and Chinnakallar managed to fit in This area also lodges a waterfalls. Chinnakallar is situated at about 15 Kms from Valparai.

Worship the Lord at Annai Velankani:

Visit the Karamalai Annai Velankani church and pray the lord in reverence. Located at 10 Kms from Valparai this abode of the lord is located in a peaceful and tranquil environment ideal for those who endeavor to worship her.

Immerse into the Annals of Spirituality At the Balaji Temple:

The balaji temple of Karamalai is a hotspot in Valparai. This temple is located at 10Kms from Valparai.

Entrall Yourself In the Enchanting Grass Hills:

As the name suggests, grass hills comprise a slope covered completely in grass. The surrounding here is incredible and the view awe inspiring. This area is part of the Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary and the trip here takes 15 Kms.

Visit Lord Vinayaka:

The Siddhi Vinayakar temple is located at 5 Kms from Valparai. This temple also has a beautiful garden. The serenity, silence and cleanliness are the attractions we never miss at these temples.


Athirapalli is a minature Amazon within Kerala. The waters of the chalakudi river falls from a height of 80 feet and the view here is an awe inspiring experience.It is around 80 kms from valparai and the travel would intake around 3 hours.


Valparai is one of the beautiful hill stations located in Tamil Nadu. The place has a widespread tea and coffee plantations, along with beautiful mountains on all sides thus making it an ideal spot for trekking.